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Puppies and Oldies

I prefer a puppies first visit to the groomer to be between the age of 5 - 8 months of age depending on the breed. The reason I say this is because it is a good age to introduce the equipment to the puppy and if the first experience is a good one then it sets a good precident for the rest of the puppy’s life. It also is a good time to check how the owner is coping with the coat ,as this is the time when easy to look after puppy coat comes out and harder to look after adult coat comes in. This coat change period is when many puppy’s get badly matted. Oldies coats can thin out  and they may need less visits to the groomer. However they can also get a bit wobbly on their legs. They may need extra support to stand. The drying cabinet is good as it gives them the chance to lie down and rest in between the bath and the styling stages. Some oldies eyesight is not so good, and for them it is a good idea to stick with a groomer that they know both the voice and smell of.