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De Matting

This is when a matted coat is separated out by special tools. The matts are removed carefully and slowly. Depending on how badly matted a dog is it can be a very time consuming process and is not necessarily the best option for the dog.  It can pull on the skin of the dog however carefully done, and if a dog does not have the patience for this then it is not a viable option. There is always some coat loss with this.

It is advisable to NOT bath your dog if matted, as this will result in further matting. Each time you bath you strip more oils out of the coat resulting in a matt becoming larger. If you have a matt then only if you can safely see to cut it out without cutting the skin do so, it helps to hold the skin where the matt is before cutting and there is less chance of accidently cutting the dog. De matting sprays will help on smaller matts but not on heavily matted dogs.

If your dog is heavily matted then the coat becomes like a thick layer of felt lying beside the skin of the dog. Once the coat is in this condition a groomer has no option but to strip the coat off completely. This can be distressing for an owner but is the best option for the dog.